This post finds us about 1/3 the way through the year.

What have you done regarding technology and your design process this year?

Updated versions of software?

Purchased new software?

Gone rouge and threatened to go off the grid and do everything analog (hand drawing, drafting, etc.)?

We have considered all of the above.

Leases wrap up, trade show booths at professional conventions tempt us, CEU lunch sponsors entice us to consider their offerings, and last but not least, new tech comes along (or doesn’t come along -AAARRRRGGGHHHH!). You consider going to the dark side, whatever you consider the dark side to be – Mac, Windows, open source. I hear it’s nice. Supposedly they have cookies (the chewy kind).

Nevertheless, where are you regarding the concept or element of design tech? This blog, by nature, is a one-way conversation and I truly appreciate the data I’m getting of various countries reading  in addition to the encouraging words from friends and past workmates – truly wonderful. BUT, I’d like to know a little more about where you are – so I’ve created a survey.

We are 1/3 through the year and, whether you know it or not, the latter parts of the year are approaching fast. What are you planning for? New software? Updated versions? Training? Learning a new software – personally or company-wide? How long do you expect this to take? Are you ready? Why are you doing this?

We have pledged among ourselves to learn some new software – and here we are, months later, yet to start. Why. We are busy – I get that – I AM that – we all are, but this adventure does not let up. Don’t let up – remember, it’s easier to keep up than catch up.

Please consider taking the survey below and answering just a few questions to give me a picture of where you are in this world of Design/Process/Technology/Value. I’ll share with everyone what you let me see and shape where we go as we proceed through 2017.



I hope this is not a frustration, but rather a break for you to give some feedback.

One of my favorite surveys is from a local restaurant that is one question with two choices: frowning face or smiling face. While this one isn’t that simple, it is designed to be quick and direct.


Thank you in advance for stepping into the conversation.

You are always welcome here.